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New HMI for the IoT era… @ £ 259.00


If you are looking for a HMI which has capabilities to meet the demands of today’s IoT (Internet of Things) era, then you’ve just found it…

The new HG1G HMI from IDEC provides the user with so many features and you will be amazed at the final note in this post…

The unit has a super bright LED backlight (800 cd/m2) to light up its TFT, 65K colour screen and the pixel count breaches 130,000 with its 480  x 272 resolution screen. Communication to the external (Host) devices brings with it a “multi-protocol” solution, which means you can connect 4 different pieces of hardware and have them running concurrently. So not just 1 to 1 comms but 4 to 1 comms, basically allowing you to connect 4 PLCs (or other devices) made by various manufacturers to the one HMI. Such communication can be handled on either Ethernet, RS232 or RS485 as the HMI has these on-board, not as options – you just get them.

An FTP Server function allows data in the HG1G to be uploaded and can be shared by people who need access to the data – i.e. transfer project info & data logs. Remote monitor & control be carried out using universal web browsers – no special application software is needed (as long as the HMI is connected to the internet, of course).


Well the hardware can be mounted and programmed in either landscape or portrait mode. The IDEC logo is easily removable to make the product “brand free” from the front view, making it ideal for OEMs that want their logo to be the dominant image on the display. Also the unit is universally powered by 12 or 24 VDC so is the ideal solution as a HMI for mobile application, such as refuse trucks, mobile generators, etc. As for the environmental conditions – if you need the HMI to function is harsh environments, well this little wonder is approved to both IP66F & IP67F with an operating temperature of -20 to +55 degC.

Software development is done using the IDEC WindOI NV4 software within the Automation Organiser suite giving access to IDEC’s predefined image library of over 7,000 images, such as dials, silo’s, motors, valves and many more – thus making professional looking pages quickly and simply.

So, the final piece of information for you… All the above is available for only £ 259.00.

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Visit the Microsite to see all the details you need – HG1G Microsite @ IDEC