Are you fearful of the PLC & HMI environment, yet want to understand the basics of PLC & HMI programming and gain the confidence to upload/download programs?


Sys-Tek specialise in the facilitation & delivery of IDEC PLC & HMI training. With the capability and tools to take you on a journey of learning, from basic introduction level through to advanced functions, we also offer specific customer “tailored” courses – each of these can help you overcome your fears.

Our training utilises the latest IDEC Automation Organiser programming software suite to ensure you gain the hands-on experience.

  • IDEC WindLDR – for the programming of the IDEC PLC & WebServer (web page creator)
  • IDEC WindOI – for the programming of the IDEC HMI products
  • IDEC WindOI-NV3 – for the programming of the PLC/HMI combination controller

Not only will you gain the understanding of the PLC program functions, you will also gain an insight to fault finding & diagnostic by making use of the on-line monitoring tools & simulation function.

Let us help you overcome your fears – start your learning today.


John N (Somerset)

Having worked on and off with PLC’s in various forms for the last 20 yrs, booked to go on another training course !!!

Can only say that this one was by far the best I’ve ever attended.  In a group with very mixed abilities, Steve clearly explained the main uses and functions of PLC’s using terminology that was easy to understand.  He also took great time to ensure all were at ease and learning.

The hands on exercises where good fun, a great way to learn basic functions and uses of the hardware.     

Can’t recommended enough to anyone thinking of using PLC’s and wishing to gain further knowledge in this subject.  


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