SE2L – Safety Laser Scanner

  • The smallest safety laser scanner in the world
  • Protection zone (safety): 5m max
  • Warning zone (non-safety): 20m max
  • Sensing angle: 270°
  • Automatic area configuration mode (32 patterns)
  • Dual protection mode
  • Master / slave mode
  • SD card configuration
  • Easy maintenance
  • Certified by TUV and UL

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SE4D series – Safety Light Curtain, designed for easy usability

  • Zero dead space structure provides efficiency and higher safety
  • Beam axis adjustment is easy with a visible incident light
  • Safety and productivity ensured with a built-in muting control function
  • Override function enables safe and smooth restart of the line operation during muting
  • Fast response time of 14 ms for all models
  • Series connection of light curtains possible (Up to 3 light curtains,192 beams)
  • Both PNP transistor output and NPN transistor output are available in one light curtain
  • Safety circuits can be constructed without a safety relay module
  • Easy construction and installation of safety circuits using blanking functions
  • Easily find out the cause of an error with the digital error LED
  • Degree of protection IP65/67 (IEC60529)

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