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Sys-Tek introduces innovative new IDEC Micro PLC to the UK market


The Staffordshire based UK and Ireland sales and technical support centre for IDEC’s industrial control and factory automation products, Sys-Tek is pleased to announce the UK launch of IDEC’s latest Micro Programmable Logic Controller (Micro PLC) innovation, the MicroSmart FC6A.

This compact and modular Micro PLC system can be structured according to the user’s requirements, thanks to a comprehensive range of modules that includes a separate human machine interface (HMI), a choice of CPU with I/O capacities of 16 (nine inputs and seven relay or transistor outputs), 24 (14 inputs, and ten relay or transistor outputs), and 40 (24 inputs, and 16 relay or transistor outputs), plus a host of expansion modules, including 17 digital I/O modules, eight types of analogue I/O module, two temperature control modules, four analogue cartridges and two communications (Modbus) cartridges. Analogue control capabilities extend to PID with auto-tuning, flow totalisation and recipe management functions.

This generous complement of modules means that as many as 520 I/Os can be set up on this Micro PLC platform – for example, using the 40 I/O all-in-one type CPU module plus expansion interface modules and fifteen 32-point digital I/O modules.

While the new FC6A might be small in size, it is certainly not ‘small’ as far as performance is concerned. With a maximum instruction set capacity of 640kbyte (equivalent to some 80,000 steps) the FC6A is capable of executing complex machine control programs. And with a basic instruction processing time of just 42ns, the user can be confident of a truly fast response from this Micro PLC platform for the control of highly dynamic, synchronous machine functions such as precision multi-stage positioning, involving zero return, current and absolute value management, and JOG operation.

A ‘Mini-B’ USB port is provided on all CPU platforms, allowing user programs to be downloaded or uploaded without having to supply power to the CPU module. A Secure Digital (SD) card port is also available with each CPU option, providing additional memory capacity for program storage and data logging. All models are equipped with a standard (RJ45) Ethernet port for remote monitoring and for serving a wide range of applications using Modbus communications.

In common with all IDEC micro controller platforms, the new FC6A MicroSmart can be programmed via the company’s WindLDR ladder logic software, an icon-driven programming tool combining logic and intuition with an easy-to-use interface that allows the user to take full advantage of MicroSmart features. A built-in ‘Simulation’ mode enables the functionality of a ladder program to be tested and verified before it is downloaded to the Micro PLC platform. WindLDR also provides a status monitor function for communications as well as monitoring for errors or failures in the CPU and I/O expansion modules.

‘Internet of Things’ – ready!

Internet of Things (IoT) capability is provided by custom web pages that are easily configured for remote monitoring and control. The web pages are created using a simple and intuitive drag-and-drop style method that requires no specialised HTML programming knowledge, and are stored in the MicroSmart FC6A PLC HMI module. This innovative feature places the new FC6A well ahead of competing Micro PLC platforms for ease of IoT-type systems implementation.

When connected to the Internet via its Ethernet port, the FC6A HMI module functions as a web server, enabling the stored web pages to be accessed via any web browser running on any Internet-connected device such as a remote PC, a tablet or a smartphone.

Connecting the HMI Ethernet port to the Internet also provides email and text notification functionality, which can be used with third-party email servers such as Gmail and Yahoo to warn maintenance or operational personnel of issues relating to the function of remotely located equipment.

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About IDEC: A global manufacturer with locations throughout Europe, Asia, North and South America and Australia, IDEC Corporation is headquartered in Osaka, Japan, and has provided reliable automation and control products worldwide for over seven decades. In the UK, IDEC has relationships with many distributors & system integration partners all of which provide local sales offices to assist customers with choosing the right programmable logic controllers (PLCs), operator interfaces (OIs), industrial LED lighting, switches, relays, power supplies and more. For more information, please visit

About Sys-Tek: Following the restructuring of IDEC Electronics’ European business in 2015, the operations of former IDEC Electronics UK are now managed by the Staffordshire-based company, Sys-Tek. Sys-Tek is the exclusive sales agent for all of IDEC’s industrial control and factory automation products, serving customers throughout the UK and Ireland. A fully customer-focused company, Sys-Tek is headed by Stephen Schiller, former Managing Director of IDEC Electronics UK. For more information, please visit