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IDEC MicroSmart FC6A PLC is equipped for the Industrial IoT age


A Web Page Editor function, now available in the latest edition of IDEC’s WindLDR PLC programming software, brings exceptional web enabling capabilities to the new MicroSmart FC6A PLC platform when the latter is connected to the new HMI & Communication Adapter module. Importantly, these web pages can be configured without any HTML or Java Script programming knowledge, opening the path to many more users wishing to take advantage of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology.

This innovative feature in the latest version of the WindLDR software, along with the functionality of the new HMI & Communication Adapter module places IDEC’s new FC6A well ahead of competing Micro PLC platforms in terms of simplifying IIoT systems implementation.

Available now from Sys-Tek, the Staffordshire based UK and Ireland sales and technical support centre for IDEC’s industrial control and factory automation products, the MicroSmart FC6A is a highly modular and adaptable Micro Programmable Logic Controller (Micro PLC) platform that is capable of complex and precise machine control as well as a range of advanced analogue control functions.

In order to get users up and running quickly, the FC6A HMI module comes ready embedded with four basic system monitor web pages: PLC Status, Batch Monitor, Custom Monitor and LCD Monitor, which can be deployed immediately ‘out-of-the-box’. However, the user can also design and create his or her own custom web screens using WindLDR’s HTML editor and Java Script, and import them directly from the WindLDR application into the FC6A HMI module. These monitor screens present the contents of data registers and stored values in a graphical and more user-friendly way, not only giving users a clearer picture of process and machine operations, but also providing that information to individuals wherever they happen to be located, so long as they have access to the Internet.

WindDLR’s built-in symbol library provides more than 7,000 symbols and these image data can be imported to create cutting-edge, graphically rich screens. Moreover, small video files can also be imported to add an extra layer of process or machine operations visibility. The web pages are created using a simple and intuitive drag-and-drop style method that requires no specialised HTML programming knowledge, and can be downloaded to the MicroSmart HMI module and stored for remote monitoring and control purposes.

When connected to the Internet via its Ethernet port, the FC6A HMI module functions as a web server, enabling the stored web pages to be accessed via any web browser running on any Internet-connected device such as a remote PC, a tablet or a smartphone.

Moreover, with its new HMI & Communication Adapter module connected, the FC6A MicroSmart is easily configured to send an email or text message via third party email servers such as Gmail or Yahoo to a PC or smartphone. Dynamic values in the PLC can also be incorporated in the body of the email to show status conditions. Up to 255 email messages can be configured and multiple recipients can be included in the email ‘To’ and ‘cc’ fields – for example, to warn maintenance or operational personnel of issues relating to the condition or function of remotely located equipment.

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